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Greetings from Houston, Texas.

It has been two years since we updated here.  Sadly we lost Cheyenne, the one and only DivaDevilDog then, and just didn't have the heart to write, or keep the page up.  But now it seems to be time to start howling again.

We were fortunate to welcome Gemma into the family a few months after losing Cheyenne.  Gemma was rescued by the Houston GSD Rescue group, and is quite the character.  She keeps Phantom running, and the two of them have a great time playing, chasing tennis balls, and generally being DOGS.

We miss Chey, she is always in our hearts, and is featured in the German Shepherd mysteries.  The Case of the Sad Flag, a 9/11 German Shepherd Mystery is available on Kindle, and will soon be updated with more artwork.  Two more stories are slated to be published by Fall, 2012.

Phantom, our blue GSD is as wonderful as ever.  He is even auditioning for a movie part!  He is very wolfie looking, with those yellow eyes (they were blue until he was about a year old) and that grey and rust coat.  Gemma is almost all black with some tan and even a white blaze.  She is a hoot. She was very shy at the start, but soon took over being bossy and very funny.  I love her smile.  

The two cats, Gypsy and Flo enjoy their doggie security and of course, as cats, run the place.  Flo came to us after we lost Victoria (about a week before Cheyenne left us).  She is a Norwegian Forest cat and quite sure of herself with the dogs.  She even sleeps with them.  Gypsy Rose Lee (we found her at Lowe's in the Garden Center one Saturday evening) is however all feline.  She tolerates the dogs, and enjoys giving them swipes when they pass by her.

We will be keeping you posted on dog thoughts, news and any other thing that happens to come our way.  While it won't be Cheyenne speaking to you, I suspect Phantom and Gemma will have a lot to say in the months to come.

Here is a hope that you are enjoying life with your family, friends and furr kids.

Happy howling!

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