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sniff sniff...who are you? who are we?

Written by Cheyenne at age 10, 2007.  Chey has left us but you will hear more from Phantom (in photo with Cheyenne) and Gemma.



Yep, it is the DivaDevilDog here writing this introduction. I did such a great job of it on the wedding pages for my people,  that I insisted I was really the best choice to do the introductions here. 

As you probably know dogs get to know each other by their smell, hence a lot of sniffing of butts goes on when us dogs greet and meet.  We won't go there here.  But you should know that it is normal for that to happen with dogs so best thing to do is step back and just let the sniffing happen.  And yes, we do check out people the same way, generally going for the more 'private parts' area but that is just how we can tell about you, nothing personal you know.  

Mom once told to Auntie Jane that someone had complained about me doing the crotch sniff thing. Auntie Jane told her about Tammy, who was Emmy's mom (Emmy was Mom's first female german shepherd and wonderful). Apparently Tammy would not only sniff but if someone tried to move before she was done she'd put her paw on their shoe to keep them still! hehehe I like that kind of doggie spunk.

Anyway, let me tell you first about the dogs in the family here, since it is all about us.  I'm an 10 yr old German shepherd  and I am very young for my age I know. I keep trim by running around the dog park, going for walks with our wonderful dog walker Cary (who works for Gretchen and Ivy Pet Sitting)*, and chasing the Meowettes (only occasionally <not>).  I am from a kennel in Wisconsin, Leerburg Kennels, and Mom says I am the bestest gsd ever (yes, I knew that already). I do know that I've been very healthy and a good girl, well mostly. 

I am a bit OCD, even I admit to that. I love my boomer ball and will spend hours over it in the back yard. When we go to the ball park I like to carry a tennis ball in my mouth and herd the other dogs around.  If a retriever or lab (and gosh we have a lot of those in Houston!) is chasing a ball or toy, I like to follow it to make sure the dog does it right. Mom laughs and says it looks like I'm stalking the dog but it is good for them to have someone keeping them going and making sure they get back to the ball thrower, I think. 

I am now the Head of Security for our house, and have been busy starting to teach  Phantom about all that goes into being a good watch dog.  He's learning pretty well, I have to admit, of course he does have the best teacher.  I was lucky, I had Ritz teach me everything I know so I am able to pass on to Phantom good knowledge and skills.  I may even get him to help on some of our mystery cases.  He's gotten very big lately but I have to agree with Mom, he's still very much a puppy at times.

Phantom  was rescued by the wonderful Guardian Angel Stacy and ended up with us. At first I just wanted Mom and Dad to take him back to Stacy, but now I rather like having him around. Because he has so much energy Mom and Dad have found a way to exercise him that lets me get out more, so it has been good for us all.  He is a blue German shepherd, any black on him is diluted and he has golden eyes and even golden toe claws.  I heard Mom say they used to cull these dogs (sad) but I'm glad Phantom is around, he is getting to be a very big boy, protective but he's still very goofy. I said that already didn't I, well it is worth repeating.  Don't tell him I said this, but I'm proud of the boy. 

Phantom likes to swim- not me! But I'm glad he swims so that he can retrieve ballies from the pool at the dog park.  He is a good swimmer too, very smooth in the water,makes me proud.  He is a real Mama's boy too, which cracks me up. When we are riding he tries to sit in Mom's lap- all 80 some pounds of him.  What a crazy puppy! 

Then there are the cats.....and I must admit I love chasing cats but I try to not do that too often with our cats coz it makes Mom upset. She seems to always miss the part where the cat turns to one of us dogs and sticks out their tongue meowing "You can't catch me you slow dog you!"  So we get scolded and the cats snicker a lot about that one. 

The Meowettes are Gypsy and Victoria. Mom said they are going to get their own pages so I'll let them introduce themselves. They are good cats and even though Phantom and I chase them, we really like them being around. Gypsy makes funny burring noises when she sees birds or squirrels. Victoria is a princess, and since I'm a Diva, we have a good understanding of each other. 

Mom and Dad- well what can I say about them? They are one happy couple. They cuddle and hold hands and kiss, even at the dog park! They got married November 13, 2005. I got to walk Mom down the aisle and be the center of attention, so I had fun.  They take very good care of each other and of us. Mom's a lawyer and does copyright, trademark, entertainment law, that sort of law- she loves it!and Dad is a fabricator with the fire department.  They stay busy with working, writing, and with the NightCourt stuff they do, but they always make time for us and make sure we get to go to a dog park and have fun every day. 

On weekends we try to meet with our friends, Auntie Leigh, Nile and Rebecca, at the dog park and that is really fun.  Usually there are more doggies there that only get to come on weekends and we have a big party! I love those times, even though both Phantom and I are pretty tired and glad to have time to rest when the parent units go back to work on Monday.  We don't even mind when they go out on a weekend night with friends or to events since we need to rest up for our dogpark visits. 

Mom says that we have a simple but joyous life. I love all the friends Mom and Dad have, they are fun and good to us critters.  Most of all I love going on my walkies with Cary, my Bark & Rides with Mom and Dad and to the doggie park every day.  On weekends Phantom and I can go with Mom and Dad unless it is too hot. They won't let us stay in a hot car and even though I'm bummed, I know it is for the best. 

I'd say that life is very good for this Diva, and I hope that this introduction gives you a good idea about our family.
Howling til later!   

Cheyenne, the DivaDevilDog   01/03/07

*Cary died right after Hurricane Ike.  He called us to check on us, and Cheyenne, he knew she hated storms.  We miss him so much.  Why do the good die young? 


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