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If you are reading this web page, most likely you are a friend or someone who has heard about the stories or news here.  If you'd like to send us an email, suggest some topic for discussion, or just like to let us know you are out there, feel free to use this form. You can send email to us at . 

HowlingTimes is a work in progress, much like life. If you don't leave with anything else, hopefully it will be the lesson that dogs teach us daily: to seize each moment in life and experience it fully.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has no reality for a dog. The here and now is what they have and we can learn to be a bit more like them in enjoying each moment.





As you've may have guessed, we are a bit of a geeky family.  We enjoy anything computer and I work as an attorney in Intellectual Property (Copyright, Trademarks, Patents) and Entertainment Law.  So far the dogs have not gotten on the computer, but any day now, we expect to walk home and see them texting away.

So give us an e-mail (or as the doggies say- P-Mail) and say hi, make comments and remember to play nice or there's a royal shakedown in your future!









Comments, Curious or just want to say hi-contact us and we'll try to respond. Anything you would like to see discussed, let us know. After all, this is time for us all to howl!!!


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