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June 6, 2012

I recently listened to "The Help".  Having grown up in Tallahassee, Florida it was a journey down memory lane, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.  The dogs in the book were few, the German Shepherds mean. I hate that the breed was used for attacking people, and while other breeds have taken the GSD's place as attack dogs, it broke my heart.  I know it is a part of life, but when I see people afraid of them, and know that it is because of a history that is not the dog's fault, it is sad.

So much has changed in the last six years. We've lost Victoria, Cheyenne, Cary.  I've changed my focus as an attorney and yet some things are the same.  We are still a very happy and content family of six, two humans, two dogs, two cats.  I am now an Intellectual Property attorney, having gone back for my LLM in IP and Internet Law at UH Law Center (Rated no. 4 in the NATION!).  I have 9 more hours, and am so enjoying the excellent faculty and what is the most interesting areas of law ever.  I had almost gone for this degree before going to the City, and the opportunity to do this has been one that has woken my passion for this subject area.  What a great time to be an IP lawyer.  I also am building an entertainment law practice.  These areas of the law are changing and turning as technology puts the world in a spin.  E-anything is happiness, and the furr kids are getting great at hopping over laptops, e-book readers, and gadgets!

Change is never easy.  The losses of the last few years took a toll on us.  Yet we are fortunate.  Perhaps it is influence of the dog's that has helped. The ability of dogs to move forward, despite death, despite losses, and change...they stay focused on the simple things in life.  When someone is down, it is not a bad idea to learn from them, to focus on what is essential for each day.  Be like a dog.  Not recommending butt sniffing or chasing cars, but a bit of rest time, enjoying play, and howling at the moon is good for what ails us humans.

Friends have come and gone, but true friends have remained. The wonderful boss I had in 2006 is still a friend, and someone I respect so highly, she is also a dog person and is even fostering dogs with a rescue group.  There are friends that have gone, but the ones that reamained and the new friends have been true blessings.  If the ones who were ugly and mean had not been lost, there would have been no room for the kind, generous and loving new friends.  

Amazing how that works.

We are writing. I'm working on GSD stories. Monty and I are co-authoring a Young Adult technothriller.  The collaboration is a blast, and gives us a chance to have fun creating something which includes geeky things.  I'm writing a blog twice a month for a Young Adult Authors group and am hoping to get professional and writing articles published over the next year.  

I miss Victoria and I miss Cheyenne.  We'd lost Cary just a few months before, then to lose them, it was as if a part of my life had ended.  Chey had been with me through my first marriage, its ending, a relationship which took my to New York, and my mother's last year with Alzheimers and her death at home with us there.  Cheyenne is the one who approved of Monty, and even walked me down the aisle and gave me away.  She knew people, better than I did, and she loved him completely.  Phantom was so lost without her, that finally we knew it was necessary to bring in another dog to keep him company and frankly, to boss him around like Chey did!

So enters Gemma. She had been with a back yard breeder, tied to a post and didn't even have a name.  When his other female had a litter coming, he couldn't take care of them all so took her to the pound, where the GSD Rescue group saved her.  She was at the foster home of a wonderful, amazing and generous young lady, a teacher who gave Gemma her confidence back and let her play.  Gemma found she loves cats while there.  Now she is still trying to make friends with the two we have, her version of a meow is more of the ooo ooo ooo of a monkey.  

She is sweet.  Gosh is she a sweetheart and she smiles at you when you rub her belly.  She hadn't learned kitchen manners yet when Monty put 4 organic chicken breasts out to thaw.  I was out back reading and saw her going out and in, but it looked like she was carrying a treat or bone.  Finally I looked and well, let's just say she thoroughly approves organic chicken!  She is so much better now, and since we're pescatarian now, has foregone the chicken for a bit of salmon. <G>

She runs and plays, another thing that she was baffled by at first.  But now she can catch the tennis ball way up in the air, and can run like the wind to get the ball when Monty lets it fly.  Phantom likes to run a little but then gets hot and decides that 'keep away' is still the best game in town.  Some things don't change.  Gemma does it now too, and in a Chey manner, holds the ball to the side of her mouth, same side as Chey did.  Makes us smile with good memories.

The cats are doing fine, since they don't have their own pages, they may have to write here about living with DOGS.  When Flo came to us she'd been an only kitty. So she not only had to get used to a new house and humans, but also two BIG dogs and one ornery bratty cat (Yes Gypsy, you are both! I love you but you give cranky a new aspect entirely)  Flo is very different from the cats I've know before.  She is more dog like, hangs out with the dogs all the time, waits for us on the front steps and comes to greet us,.  I will get photos up soon of her snoring along w/ Gemman and Pman- all 3 lying out in the same position.  Too funny.

So that is the Cliff Notes on the past 6 yrs.  I got a knee replaced, was on chemo & steroids for 2 yrs for sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease- horrid drug protocol, and one that has been troublesome even after off the main drugs.  The side effects are onerous.  I deal with the sarc by eating well- no preservatives, vegetarian- with fish- diet, lots of water, rest, and it still can be bad.  Living in Houston w/ the bad air (ozone alerts beem up too often) makes the lungs hurt and even headaches.  The drugs one is given to help with the problems from the other meds have their own side effects, a visious circle.  So we try to stay as healthy and natural as possible.  No diet sodas, no cocacolas last 'bad' is root beer which I use to take medicine. Otherwise it is good old H2O.  Again, the favorite drink of dogs!

There is more but it is getting late and time to hit the sack.  It has been good to take this first step at updating the website.  Soon we may even do more with it and market its content. But for now, I think we will keep it simple.

Howls to you, a family that howls together, stays together.  Plus you sound funny!

 May 10, 2006: 


Monty and I have started the rehearsals for "NightCourt", the annual musical theatre event that we put on under the Houston Bar Association to raise money. It is in the third week of June, five shows at the Hobby Theatre (yep, we are in the big times here!).  This year the theme is the "Law of the West" and I get to play "Running Late", which is pretty funny to me coz of my pet peeve of people who are always late. 


Monty is helping me make a costume for the Rimkus party on Thursday, so I can go Native American.  I love the my part and songs.  Monty is a "Ranch Hand" or as he put it "Raunch Hand" hehehe.  Only lawyers can be on stage so he works techie and stage stuff, already he's at work with props and sets.  It is like summer camp for us in many ways, reuniting with our extended family.  Judy Frow ( is back as our Director and Jim Benton as our Musical Director, ten years now they've been herding us from a motley group of lawyers, judges, politicians and such to a professional cast that puts on a great show.


Monty has had his oral surgery and has a new smile.  He made it through all that fine and dandy, although I'm thinking I may have to put a mirror in his toolbox as he keeps checking out his grin.  Thanks to all who've kept him in their thoughts and prayers, he's doing great.


I'm still at a loss over the death of my friend Maggie Macary, who died unexpectedly on Easter Sunday. Her web site, was a revolutionary concept that was making such strides, and I just can't imagine a world without Maggie's intensity, focus and brilliance.  I hope that her work will continue, and hopefully her dissertation will be published by her family someday as a tribute to her.


Work is wonderful, I am so loving the Labor department, good people, good boss, good work and good clients; I am super busy which is terrific, handling hearings and arbitrations, all great.  Monty is doing really well at the Fire Department, and happy as the proverbial clam.  I'm trying to get writing done in between work, taking the "kids" to the dog park, and rehearsals for NightCourt but this makes life fun and busy.  I also have a lovely step-daughter, April, who has sent me my first ever Mother's Day Gift!  How cool is that?


Life has its ups and downs, and while there always seems to be 'something' I am always grateful for the good things each day. The nuzzle of Phantom against my hand, Chey's kissies when I take her for her "Bark & Ride", the purrs of the Meowettes (Gypsy and Victoria), having a terrific job, NightCourt and all my NC family, and all my wonderful friends.  And then there is Monty, with whom life just gets better and better each day. He is the most amazing and wonderful man, so caring and strong at the same time, (and soooo sexy too!)  I've never had anyone give me such love.  Life is wonderful.




May 18, 2006


Boy dogs are a hoot. Now everyone knows that Cheyenne, the DivaDevilDog is my heart of hearts. So when I say that Phantom is just cracking me up being such a boy dog and that I just adore him, it is understood that this is a WHOLE different thing than a girl shepherd.

 I’ve always said that the girl Shepherds in my life have been a hoot, full of love with a seriously major dose of SASS. Cheyenne is wonderful, she will come when it is time to go at the dog park, but it is only after she thinks a bit whether she really wants to go or not. It is not a long consideration but I can tell she’s making it, and while she generally decides to come and let me think she’s obeying there have been a few times when she’s given me the "Not now I’m busy" look. Or she’ll come but with a grumble as if to say, you know, my calendar is very full, and I’m fitting you in because I love you and only because of that.

 Now Phantom is a different matter. He’s still a puppy and we still have to get him to training. He’s learning a few things but seems to delight in teasing us by not bringing the ball back when we throw it, that sort of thing. But gosh is he ever a boy dog, such a huge love puppy that it is just hilarious.

 He has to be next to me or to Monty, and wants lots of scratches and pats. He’s a real sucker for a belly scratch to ("Thank you Aunt Candice for giving Mommy such nice nails, I know you do them just for me!") He also loves to play. Even after two hours at the dog park, he can come home and want to have a toy thrown for him to retrieve. When you are trying to do something like oh say, check email, and he bumps your arm it can be a tad bit annoying but when you look at him with those great golden eyes and such a silly look on his face, you can’t help but playing with him.




I have missed Ritz so much and I’m happy to say that Phantom is not filling Ritz’ paws but giving me a new and wonderful boy dog experience. He is definitely his own personality. Cheyenne is doing a great job of keeping him in his puppy place, even though he’s as tall as she is now. He still has to fill out of course and that will be over the next year. The running and swimming at the dog park really helps I think.

 So doggie life is good. The Meowettes are doing fine too although they still fuss at each other at times. Then of course I come home and the two of them are both on the bed sleeping near each other. So go figure. We are looking at getting them a kitty condo unit so they can enjoy looking out windows without a certain puppy breathing on them!

 Come to think of it, life is good period. Monty is recovering well from his oral surgery and looking quite handsome there. Work is great, we are busy with the NightCourt production so weekends and nights are quite busy. After work we run the kids to the dogpark then go to rehearsal. How lucky we are to be so blessed with good people and activities in our life, and of course such wonderful critters.

 Coming soon my review of the Dog Whisperer book. I have only had a chance to catch his show a couple of times on tv alas. I’m about half way through the book but so far am impressed with much of what he advocates. His sources are familiar to many of us who have read dog training and behavior books over the years and he has a very good take on how dog’s work.




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